Why ENIGMA™? : WolfSkin

Originally introduced by Gray Wolf Woolens. This is a great fabric! Of all the high tech fabrics out there, we have not found any others that perform like this fabric. Very tear resistant. Very burr resistant. Very water resistant. (this fabric has an ultra-thin polymer treatment called a durable water repellent , or DWR. This treatment penetrates the fibers and lowers the surface tension of the fabric, causing water to bead up and roll off the garment instead of being absorbed.) And if Wolfskin does get wet, it dries in minutes and in fact after the spin cycle of the washing machine, Wolfskin feels dry! Wolf Skin will not fade or shrink. Truly a fabric that could last a lifetime with proper care.


Wolfskin is a tightly woven fabric. 100% polyester. Technical name for it is a warp knit. Because if it's tightness of weave, it is also very wind resistant. Also be assured that Wolfskin, unlike some other "miracle" fabrics, will NOT get stiff in the coldest of temperatures. Fabrics that do get stiff do so because they are either constructed using an adhesive to glue two parts of the fabric together, or because of the composition of the liner, which is usually a wind or water resistant/proof membrane. Cold weather has no effect on Wolf Skin.


All products are made using WolfSkin