2012 Maryland 10 Point




I was sitting in my treestand this morning when I saw a mature buck passing out at 50 yds. I grunted at him and he altered course towards me. 


The 10 pointer stood 30 yds out and stared at my position. I was confident my Enigma camo would keep me concealed as he slowly approached to within 15 yds. 


My arrow double-lunged him and I watched him fold up just 70 yds away. Thanks again for making such a great and effective camo!!


Your friend,

Andy Pedersen

South Dakota Black Powder Turkey

On Sunday, April 18, I was hunting turkeys near Spearfish, South Dakota.  I shot my turkey at 5:45 AM a few minutes after they flew down from their roost 50 yards from where we were set up.  We were under a tree with no blind.  The turkeys never saw us.  They started coming to our calls.  Three gobblers were strutting 30 yards in front.  It was a tad dark yet to be able to evaluate which one was the best one so I smoked the one in the lead with my black powder double barreled shotgun.  (I love smoked turkey). He extended his head way out when he was gobbling and I smacked him then mostly in the head and neck.  Upon inspection, it turned out that he has three beards, 8-1/2”, 5” and 4-1/4”.  Measuring per SCI, he has a rating of about 49 to 50.  Currently the largest black powder non-typical Merriam is rated at 41, so this turkey is now the world record and by some at that!

I guess I will have him registered in the books, and look forward to many calls from gorgeous and rich hunting groupie ladies.  I may have to get an unlisted phone number to keep them at bay.   The tail on my bird is very torn up and trashed.  He must have done a serious amount of strutting and perhaps fighting with other gobblers.  If you see my bumper sticker that says ”Ask me about my 3-bearded Turkey”, pull me over and we’ll talk.  Thanks for the great camo!  I’m sure it had a large part in the success of this great bird!

Paul D. Seward, PE
Seward Mechanical Systems
Louisville, CO  80027

Idaho Buck

Here is a photograph of a buck I killed in Idaho. Clothing was very comfortable and I am extremely pleased with it. I had an anxious moment with this buck! He stared directly at me at 30 to 35 yards prior to me being in position to shoot. He looked right through me and turned to walk up a finger ridge giving me the opportunity to take him.
Thanks for great clothing and even better customer service!

Scot Hastie
Kingston, NY

Ohio Dandy

This by far is some of the best camo I have ever owned. Not only was it made to my specifications but it clearly outperformed my past camo!

When hunting on field edges the deer would look through me and around me not at me as in the past.

This buck gross scored 152-6/8" and he never even knew I was there, even though he was at eye level with me up the hill while I was in my tree stand!

This is truly great camo! It has helped me beat one of the deer's greatest senses....It's sight!

Joe Muetzel,
Somerset, Ohio

Some things are just meant to be

Like love at first sight or sitting in a deer stand at ‘O dark thirty, opening day waiting for the sun to come up, some things are just meant to be. A tradesman appreciates the grip of a fine finish hammer. A sharpshooter loves the feel of a smooth trigger…camouflage is no different. When used and made properly, camouflage can greatly enhance both your time and your experience in the woods. I guess that is why I have made Enigma™ Camouflage my exclusive choice for outdoor apparel. This product works and I do not mind sharing my experiences using it.

I consider myself to be a tad better than your average hunter-only in the sense that I have been fortunate enough to experience many adventures world wide. As a bow hunter and wildlife photographer, getting “close” has always been a priority. With proximity as critical as it is, my Enigma™  camouflage has taken me to the next level-nearly invisible!

I received my first set of Enigma back in August of 2006. It was hand delivered in Dulles International Airport (customer service is second to none). I was leaving for my third big game safari to the “Dark Continent”. Plains game hunting and a lion via bow were on the agenda.

Once in country, I killed 17 different species of wildlife. I used the spot and stalk method to collect nine of the 17 animals (I would have had ten/eighteen if I would not have missed a gemsbok from 10 feet away), a lioness was among the nine. I really felt the Enigma camo gave me the edge.  Most animals on the savannah went about their lives as though I wasn’t even present. I felt the same way while hunting in African’s infamous thorn brush country. Truly, I do not know how to express what I was experiencing. There’s no way to say it other than the animals were looking right through me! I even had a black mamba a mere 12 inches from either leg (I straddled it while attempting to shoot that missed gemsbok)! Was it possible that this deadly snake didn’t see me? I think so…

From a durability point of view, the Enigma™  slid through the torn brush without snagging. I had never experienced this during previous trips wearing other brand camouflages.  It was  delightful  moving quietly without snagging!

The camouflage worked well in Africa, how was it going to perform in the good ‘Ol USA? Archery hunting deer and elk in Colorado was next on my schedule.

Although I did not kill an elk in 2006, I passed up several opportunities on small bulls and cows. I did arrow a mule deer. He was shot from thirty yards while spot and stalking. He never knew what hit him!

I spent a few weekends in Wyoming hunting deer and antelope. Again, I felt the animals were not detecting my presences. The terrain was flat, antelope have incredible eyesight, and there isn’t a whole lot of cover to utilize. The chore of sneaking up on antelope was made easy by the application of Enigma™  to my form.

There were many hunts to follow, but the turkey hunts stand out the most. Prior to my Enigma purchase. I have had eight shots at turkey with my bow, all near misses. Taking one with a gun was never considered. Since the Enigma™ , I have killed six birds. Four of the six were from the ground while spot and stalking. I even shot a cock pheasant from five feet away! Sneaking up on mammals is one thing, but sneaking up on birds, especially turkeys, well…I believe you know where I’m going!

Fellow sportsman, this stuff works! The adage “it’s not the bow, it’s the Indian” is wrong! It’s the Camouflage-ENIGMA™ !

Thank you Chuck Pensyl! I look forward to many more adventures wearing your product!


William Nelson
Erie, Colorado